Print on Demand Available for Books 1 and 2

POD Corners

Studio 9 has sold out of most of the original print runs of Midnight Legion Books 1 and 2, but both are now available as print on demand titles from DriveThru RPG.

Details: They’re available in both hardcover and softcover, and come in a standard size (6″x9″) that’s a bit bigger than the originals (6″x8.5″).  They also cost a bit more (+$3-$10 depending on the title and format), except for the Book 1 softcover version, which costs $3 less than the Boxed Set since it does not contain the box or dice, and the map and Rule & Memories Book come as a free PDF accompanying the print book.

You can get the Midnight Legion, Book 1: Operation Deep Sleep POD edition here, and the Midnight Legion, Book 2: The World Reborn POD here.  You may also still be able to find copies of the originals in your favorite book and hobby stores.

Thanks for your support!

The Kickstarter for Portal of Life, the third and final Midnight Legion gamebook, just ended, and we’re grateful for how much support it received. C. Aaron Kreader and I have had a blast putting this series together, and we know that many of you have been with us from the beginning.

You funded the book in five hours, and then you went on to unlock all of these bonuses:


You added additional color pages.


You added upgraded paper stock and premium coating…plus even more color pages.


You added three Midnight Legion short stories as appendices.


You added hyperlinks to the new or forthcoming digital versions of all the books.

Last Recruit:

You made it possible to reprint the Midnight Legion prequel/mini adventure Last Recruit, which sold out after its first printing in June.

Portal of Life will be available at the end of 2018.

Midnight Legion 3 Kickstarter Launch

MNL 3 New 2018

The Midnight Legion, Book 3: The Portal of Life Kickstarter has just gone live.

The Portal of Life is the final gamebook in the Midnight Legion trilogy, scheduled for an end-of-year release by Studio 9.

Your world is gone. The world that has replaced it is alien and savage, but filled with wondrous new life. In the last remaining Midnight Legion base a computer controls technology that can destroy it or help it to thrive.

If you’re strong enough, you can defeat the agent who betrayed your mission. If you’re clever and skilled enough, you can solve the base’s puzzles and outwit its traps. But even then you will still need to confront the sentient, possibly deranged computer itself. What it can tell you depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to regain the memories you have lost.

Support the Kickstarter now!  And please spread the word.

All Midnight Legion Titles Now Available for Download


Studio 9 has made Last Recruit, the Midnight Legion prequel created for Free RPG Day, more widely available.

Now, you can purchase Last Recruit directly from the publisher.

In addition, DriveThruRPG is now making all existing Midnight Legion titles, including Last Recruit, available for the first time as downloadable PDFs:

There’s no longer any excuse not to join the Legion!

Last Recruit

Cover Medium MNL Last Recruit

A new Midnight Legion adventure!

Last Recruit is a brief, limited edition prequel to Operation Deep Sleep, available at hobby shops across the United States for Free RPG Day 2018.  If you miss it, don’t worry—it will be featured as one of the rewards for this summer’s Kickstarter for the third and final Midnight Legion volume, The Portal of Life.

The Last Recruit reveals how you joined the Legion and began your training. Each Midnight Legion gamebook contains detailed instructions for creating your character. If you play The Last Recruit, you can skip that process: by the end of the adventure, you will have a character that you can keep and use throughout the Midnight Legion gamebook series. The Last Recruit also features some minor character alterations that you can only access by playing this adventure, and completing the story will unlock an otherwise hidden scene in The Portal of Life.

About Last Recruit:

You have been recruited into the Midnight Legion, a clandestine group created to preserve human civilization after society’s inevitable collapse. If you complete your training, you will become a full agent.  Unfortunately, figuring out who to trust won’t be as easy as it looks.

There’s no time to waste—the human race is depending on you.

The Midnight Legion: Gameplay and Story

Midnight Legion tells the story of one hero’s journey of discovery: waking without memories in a compound under siege (Operation Deep Sleep), escaping out into the unknown wilderness above (The World Reborn), and finally confronting the secrets that set the adventure in motion (The Portal of Life, forthcoming).  Midnight Legion lets you decide what happens next.  You also have a character, which you can keep throughout all three books (or create anew for each book, if you prefer).  The additional game mechanics are meant to help bring the story to life:

  • Memories are recovered over time.  By spending Memory Points, you gain new Memories from the Memory Book that reveal everything from how to use ancient artifacts to your character’s reasons for joining the Legion.
  • Energy Points can be hoarded, or spent to improve the odds of any combat or skill check.
  • Sixth Sense allows you to skip ahead to preview the outcomes of possible actions.
  • Beginning in Book 2, a Countdown provides a deadline for completing your mission.

The trilogy also contains gameplay elements inspired by other gamebooks and role-playing games:

  • Every character is different.  You can emphasize Physical Conditioning, Stealth, or Sixth Sense.
  • You can also specialize in additional skills.  (Inspired by Lone Wolf and other series).
  • The Insights you gain throughout the adventure change the world around you, meaning that every time you visit a place or encounter a creature, the experience will be different.  (Inspired by Sorcery!, Fabled Lands, and other series.)

We hope you agree that the mechanics support the story—and that you continue to accompany us on this journey to the end.