Hidden Scene in Operation Deep Sleep

Book 2 Explorer

Midnight Legion, Book 2: The World Reborn will soon be in readers’ hands.  That means a new adventure to explore, but it also means that more secrets will soon be unlocked in Book 1: Operation Deep Sleep.

Like The World Reborn, Operation Deep Sleep is meant to be different every time you read it.  Encounters will change, in large or subtle ways, depending on your skills, the previous choices you’ve made, and the Memories you’ve uncovered.  But some things can only be discovered after you’ve read books two and three.

Each book in the trilogy is meant to stand on its own.  It contains a quest with a beginning, middle, and end.  At the same time, the volumes also build off of each other to form a larger story.  The mysteries you uncover in the first book about your mission and identity will finally be resolved in book three.  After the third book, you’ll hopefully recognize the significance of some of the clues you found in the first.

The World Reborn, however, changes Book 1 in a more concrete way.  One of the paths you can take will allow you to go back and play through an otherwise hidden scene in Operation Deep Sleep, as well as to skip ahead to improve your odds in Book 3 (once it becomes available).  The hidden scene in Operation Deep Sleep will provide additional information about the history and motivations of The Midnight Legion.  Whether that information will be enough to help you prevail remains to be seen….

Operation Deep Sleep: Errata

A few mistakes made it past play-testing and into Midnight Legion, Book One: Operation Deep Sleep.  Here are some important corrections.  This page will be updated as necessary.

Section 270 (page 88): “Exit the elevator” should link to section 390.

Section 287 (page 92): “What are your patrols doing here?” should link to section 415.

Section 292 (page 94): When you are ready to leave, turn to section 121.

Rulebook Corrections:

Page 12: “She possesses a laser spear that provides +2 Combat Points and 2 Damage Points…”

Page 13: “For the third round, Kim decides to spend her last Energy point.  This time she rolls a 5 on the Hero die, giving her a total of 15…”

The Midnight Legion: “Passing the Torch”


This weekend the exclusive new short story “Passing the Torch” is being sent to all the Captain and Commander-level backers of the Midnight Legion Kickstarter.  Thanks for your support!

“Passing the Torch” provides the backstory for one of the cooler encounters in the forthcoming interactive science fiction novel The Midnight Legion, Book 2: The World Reborn.  (Book 1 is available now via preorder.)