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  1. I missed the Kickstarter but have since bought books one and two following a recommendation. I’m now thinking I should wait until I have book three before playing them because I don’t want to ruin any surprises by having a little run-through first. Is there an ETA for book 3?

  2. Thanks for getting the books! No need to wait — together they form a complete story, but each book is a self-contained adventure that can be played on its own. And you are likely to discover different things each time you play, in case you decide to start again with Book 1 when Book 3 comes out. (The one caveat is that there’s a scenario in Book 2 that lets you explore a scene in Book 3, which you obviously won’t be able to do yet.)

    Most of Book 3’s sections are complete, so if we remain on track, the Kickstarter and hopefully the book itself will be out in 2018.

    • Well, there’s no way I can leave these books on my shelf unread until next year (especially not after the good things I’ve heard about them), so I’d best get cracking!

  3. How many Energy Points are you ALLOWED to use when using them to increase your chances on a Sixth Sense roll?

  4. When fighting two creatures (e.g., the rat men at the beginning), and an extra die is rolled for them, do you apply one roll of your die against each roll of theirs separately, or do they add their two rolls together?

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