I’m selling Midnight Legion, Book 1 boxed sets (and am happy to sign any if you’d like—you can note that when you order). I picked up extra copies for conventions, but as we all know, most in-person conventions last year were cancelled.

The boxed set got great reviews, was a Kickstarter staff pick, and led to two more books (“The World Reborn” and “Portal of Life”). It includes Midnight Legion Book 1, the Rulebook + Memory Book, a color map and custom dice.

It’s an interactive story where you play an android agent who has been awakened from stasis hundreds of years before your scheduled mission to defend your underground base from invaders. Unfortunately, you’ve lost your memories—and as you fight, trick or sneak your way to the surface, you realize that your mission is not what you thought it was, and you may not be who you think you are.

C. Aaron Kreader is the co-creator and illustrator. The book can be read/played on its own, or you can keep your character through the whole trilogy. Learn more, or get it now.

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