Month: September 2021

Aaron Emmel

Month: September 2021

“This is How the Revolution Begins” in Etherea Magazine

My story “This is How the Revolution Begins” is out today in the second issue of Etherea Magazine. It features a programmer who joins a colony ship to sabotage the algorithm managing its nascent society. The story had a lot of inspirations, including private spaceflight companies that have already started speculating about how passengers might

“Second Chances” in Tales From Alternate Earths Vol III

Neanderthals rule the world. Their civilization is peaceful and prosperous. But Sapiens are second class citizens. And one Sapiens, an assistant to the Neanderthals’ greatest scientist, thinks he’s found a way to change that—and perhaps forever alter Earth’s history in the process. My story “Second Chances” is out today in the new anthology Tales From