Neanderthals rule the world. Their civilization is peaceful and prosperous. But Sapiens are second class citizens. And one Sapiens, an assistant to the Neanderthals’ greatest scientist, thinks he’s found a way to change that—and perhaps forever alter Earth’s history in the process.

My story “Second Chances” is out today in the new anthology Tales From Alternate Earths Volume III. This is my second story in an Inklings Press anthology: “A Sword of Bone” appeared in Tales of Magic and Destiny.

About the story, from the publisher:

“And a splendid story it is! Wrapping together issues of prejudice, what it takes to make someone rebel, and why people choose the sides they do, all in a story of what might have been…”

About the book, from the publisher:

Have you ever asked the question “What if…?”

What if things had turned out differently, what if history had taken another turn, what if our world had gone another way? 

That’s the question at the heart of the genre of alternate history – and that powers the stories in the new Inklings Press anthology, Tales From Alternate Earths 3.

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