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“The Time Traveler’s Acquaintance” in Epic Echoes Magazine

I have a new story out in the April issue of Epic Echoes Magazine. “The Time Traveler’s Acquaintance” is (hopefully!) a fun and fast-paced story, but it’s based on the idea that we face so many existential threats these days that if time travel is possible, half the people we meet are probably here from

“One Week Before the Election” in Sunshine Superhighway

“One Week Before the Election” is about a political change that transforms society for the better. It’s a flash fiction story in Sunshine Superhighway, a new anthology from JayHenge Publishing. From the promotional copy: “Embark on a visionary journey through the pages of Sunshine Superhighway: Solar Sailings, a solarpunk anthology that charts a course toward

“The Perpetual Empire” in EVERYTHING! Volume 2

My story “The Perpetual Empire,” originally published in Planet Scumm issue 7, has been reprinted in EVERYTHING! Volume 2, which collects the stories from Planet Scumm‘s issues #5-10. (The ebook version is here.) Preorders are available now for a Dec. 15 release date. “The Perpetual Empire” is about techniques authoritarian governments use to control their