Release Date: January 2019
Artist and Designer: C. Aaron Kreader
Publisher: Studio 9

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Portal of Life is the final gamebook in the Midnight Legion trilogy.

Your world is gone. The world that has replaced it is alien and savage, but filled with wondrous new life. In the last remaining Midnight Legion base, a computer controls technology that can destroy that life—or help it to thrive.

If you’re strong enough, you can defeat the agent who betrayed your mission. If you’re clever and skilled enough, you can solve the base’s puzzles and outwit its traps. But even then, you will still need to confront the sentient, possibly deranged computer itself. What it can tell you depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to regain the memories you have lost.

Contains the short stories “The Last Mission” (originally published in Empyreome Weekly Flash), “The Ancients Awaken” (originally published in Every Day Fiction), and “Passing the Torch.”

Character Creation Supplement

Each Midnight Legion gamebook can be played on its own, or the same character can progress through all three books. If you’re starting with Portal of Life, we’ve added something new—additional weapons and equipment to help you survive the challenges ahead.  Download the PDF here.