Operation Deep Sleep: Errata

A few mistakes made it past play-testing and into Midnight Legion, Book One: Operation Deep Sleep.  Here are some important corrections.  This page will be updated as necessary.

Section 270 (page 88): “Exit the elevator” should link to section 390.

Section 287 (page 92): “What are your patrols doing here?” should link to section 415.

Section 292 (page 94): When you are ready to leave, turn to section 121.

Rulebook Corrections:

Page 12: “She possesses a laser spear that provides +2 Combat Points and 2 Damage Points…”

Page 13: “For the third round, Kim decides to spend her last Energy point.  This time she rolls a 5 on the Hero die, giving her a total of 15…”

2 thoughts on “Operation Deep Sleep: Errata

  1. Interesting idea. I hope there is a second edition, because that will mean the book’s continued to sell! We want to support the people who have supported the Kickstarters, so if Book 1 is reprinted, Studio 9 has agreed to provide a discount for any of the original backers.

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