Artist and designer: C. Aaron Kreader
Publisher: Studio 9

The Midnight Legion is an interactive story where you decide what happens next.

“High quality solo RPGs are rare, and it’s a delight to find one as ambitious and well conceived as Midnight Legion.” – Black Gate

Book 1: Operation Deep Sleep (September 2016)
Book 2: The World Reborn (August 2017)
Book 3: The Portal of Life (June 2019)
Book 0: Last Recruit Mini-Adventure (June 2018)
Memory and Rulebook (Packaged with Book 1 in the Boxed Set)

You are forced awake after hundreds of years of stasis. You are an android agent of an ancient, clandestine group—but your memory is gone, and you can’t recall your purpose.

You must survive using combat, stealth or sixth sense and diplomacy. Solve puzzles to unlock the secrets of the base—and, more importantly, your own identity.

Whatever you decide, your actions change the world around you and determine the encounters you face next. Every game you play is different, and you’re going to need all of your skills to stay alive.


Book 1 is packaged in the Boxed Set, which also contains:

  • Memory and Rulebook
  • Color Map
  • Custom Dice

The Memory and Rulebook contains:

  • The complete rules, including examples.  (Quick play rules are included in each game book)
  • 60 Memories that you will have the opportunity to recover and reference over the course of the three game books
  • 10 character sheets

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