Road to Rock (2022) is a board game where bands build up their Fans, Cash and Chops in a race to be the first to get from their parents’ garage to headlining a festival. The rules are simple enough to learn at a party with the music on, but reward strategic thinking (and a bit of backstabbing).

The cards, board pieces and tokens are being packaged in a series of nine vinyl music albums via the PostWax Vol. II Subscription Series from Blues Funeral Recordings. Peder Bergstrand is the graphic designer and illustrator.

Here are the game cards packaged with the first two albums, Josiah‘s We Lay on Cold Stone and Mammoth Volume‘s The Cursed Who Perform the Larvagod Rites:

Here are the albums themselves, with the game cards and other inserts:

As an added bonus, the album covers fold over and can be fitted with accompanying inserts to turn them into dioramas:

Music, art, games…pretty much everything I want from a project. I hope you enjoy it.