Paperback, October 2011, Second Printing May 2016


Story: Aaron Emmel
Art: C. Aaron Kreader

German edition

German edition published by Mazloum

About the book:

Navid’s search for truth will take him from the quiet village where he grew up to the greatest cities of nineteenth-century Persia — and ultimately into the middle of a war that will tear apart families, challenge the country’s most powerful leaders, and force him to question everything that he thought he knew.

Zanjan is a graphic novel based on actual events.

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Praise for Zanján:

“I found Zanjan to be universal in its reach as an entertaining, enlightening read. It depicts a piece of history in a way that engages the reader and leaves them wanting more. Successful graphic novels work on many levels, and Zanjan easily hits this mark.

– Vernon Wiley, The Comix Gallery

Zanjan is a beautifully drawn and told story about the early days of the Bahá’í Faith. Small events are raised to cosmic significance. ­Anyone interested in truth, justice and religious freedom will find it deeply meaningful. This is a story that needs to be told, especially now, as so many in Iran are struggling for their freedom.”

– Arvid Nelson, Author of Rex Mundi and Zero Killer


“I will be the first to tell you that I am a nerd. I love my comics and I love being a grown up fanboy. When I heard about Zanjan, the graphic novel from Aaron Emmel and Aaron Kreader I knew I had to read it asap. I was not disappointed!

“First off, I will say that this was a quick read. That is not a disparaging remark, as I’ve read it at least three times! I think that’s the benefit of its brevity, its re-readability! I finished my first read in one sitting….

“Seeing the story through the eyes of Navid and the other early believers allows us to really put ourselves there, to witness these happenings with them. It is a violent, hard, sad, yet hopeful and redeeming story….”

– Humble Baha’i (Excerpt)