The Perpetual Empire

Enclaves, in STORGYAD 2002-2040Albuquerque, Denver, Washington, DC and MontrealGenocorp develops the rhea
Absolution, in Every Day Fiction2045Avrupa Otoyolu, TurkeyThe Sundering kills 30 million people
2049The Artifact is discovered
2056Neptune Station is completed
Agents of Empire, in Aurealis2064Neptune StationThe Perpetual Empire is established
Breaking the Machine, in Liquid Imagination2066The Autonomous Jurisdiction of EnclaveA refugee flees from the Perpetual Empire
The Perpetual Empire, in Planet Scumm and EVERYTHING! Volume 22067The North American Subjugate and EuropaAn economist rebels against the Perpetual Empire
A Small Price to Pay, in Planet Scumm, Starship Sofa and EVERYTHING! Volume 12068Genocorp, Ballston, the North American SubjugateAn Iven returns to Earth and unleashes the second-generation rhea
The Authentic History, in Abyss & Apex2072Neptune Republic and the North American SubjugateThe fall of the Perpetual Empire