0Nadrith, the SouthlandThe Sacrifice of the Triangle
The First King, in Scratching the Surface122 After Urln (AU)Nadrith, the SouthlandErindor is founded
The Fire Tree of Si, in sub-Q Magazine242Si, The SouthlandThe blooming of the Fire Tree
321Eregoth is settled
Across the Sea, in Blood Crown382The Triangle is broken and Erindor falls
A Sword of Bone, in Tales of Magic & Destiny1399Venille Marches and Kinune, EregothThe Battle of Conclave Hill
The Pool of Rim, in Æther/Ichor and Imagitopia1400Amonn
The Tenders, in Electric Spec1400Eldin SeaThe Morning Tree is brought to the Golden Alliance
The Morning Tree, in SERIAL Magazine1402Dri, the Golden Alliance, EregothA young warrior plots to steal the Morning Tree
Fire and Stone, coming September 20241407ZemothA man pairs with a fire elemental to free his family