0Nadrith, the SouthlandThe Sacrifice of the Triangle
The First King, in Scratching the Surface122 After Urln (AU)Nadrith, the SouthlandErindor is founded
The Fire Tree of Si, in sub-Q Magazine242Si, The SouthlandThe blooming of the Fire Tree
321Eregoth is settled
Across the Sea, in Blood Crown382The Triangle is broken and Erindor falls
A Sword of Bone, in Tales of Magic & Destiny1399Venille Marches and Kinune, EregothThe Battle of Conclave Hill
The Pool of Rim, in Æther/Ichor1400Amonn
The Tenders, in Electric Spec1400Eldin SeaThe Morning Tree is brought to the Golden Alliance
The Morning Tree, in SERIAL Magazine1402Dri, the Golden Alliance, Eregoth