Sue’s Musings has posted a review of the Tales from Alternate Earths III anthology, including this summary of my story “Second Chances”:

Second Chances by Aaron Emmel pits Homo sapiens against Neanderthals in a technologically-empowered futuristic battle for the survival of the species – but which one will win this time? This story is fast-paced and action packed and I really enjoyed it. The main character, a sapiens, is in peril when he is caught spying on his Neanderthal boss. Will he survive and be able to save his species? This was an amazing idea which really grasped my imagination.”

Here’s what Sue has to say about the book as a whole:

“In this collection the stories were each imaginative in their suggestions for alternative versions of actual historical or cultural events, for example what if aliens invaded Earth during the time of Jane Austen’s writing, or if Jack the Ripper turned out to be someone completely different than we think, if certain historical figures had not died when they did, how would the word as we know it have been affected? These ideas were intriguing and fun to read.”

The book is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions.

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