Irini’s Coming Back

One of my favorite characters to write is Irini Raschild, a stubborn, inquisitive, exiled princess whose eyes glow in the dark and who can change her hair color at will. She first appeared in Broadswords and Blasters Issue 5, and her story continued in Daily Science Fiction and Broadswords and Blasters Issue 11.

Unfortunately, Broadswords and Blasters has folded (its editors have gone on to other impressive ventures), but I’m pleased to report that Irini is coming back in two more stories this year:

“The Clockwork World,” in which Irini finds a portal to another world where time passes more quickly, is slated to appear in MYTHIC #20. It will be my second story for MYTHIC.

“The Park of Future Heroes,” in which Irini comes face-to-face with her potential destinies, will appear in a future issue of Penumbric.

For a list of the Irini stories in order, click here.

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